Sabina woodwork and Soria fine woodwork

Creation of unique and totally personalized spaces.

Our work on roofs, porch and arbor with the best Sabina wood, create unique spaces

We only work with the best Sabina woods and fine woods. We are specialists in the manufacture and installation of porch and arbor and we also create any type of work elaborated in furniture concept.

We move to any geographical point.

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Discover how we work

We select the best woods

All our work begins with a careful selection of the best woods, working and respecting our natural treasure in all its forms and traditions, since with time that balance and wisdom give the reason why, being this process, the key of quality in our work.

Each wood is unique and we work to enhance its essence.

Treaty of the Sabina woods.

We carry out a manual process to remove all the bark and to be able to discover the texture and forms so characteristic of this type of wood.

Design and installation

We design, select and assemble the installation according to the requirements of our customers. We guarantee the quality of the materials and our work. Our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Sabina woodwork

We create all kinds of structural, furniture and decoration pieces, mainly on request. Consult us.

Porch and arbor.

We select the best fine woods to manufacture all types of porches, ceilings and structures.

Elaborated works

Handcrafted pieces made to order.

Railings, tables, chairs, ornamentation, jewelry boxes, etc..


Beams, planks and posts

We prepare the best woods for all types of construction

Muriel Viejo - Soria - Spain

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